Infra Financials is part of diversified international group operating out of the United Kingdom under the Infra Group umbrella.

The firm is increasingly growing its presence in Africa. The Group helps build a more prosperous society through global-scale business development with integrity as its top priority.

Infra Financials is engaged in transactional; advisory, facilitation, solicitation and structuring of various financial products and services for; Infrastructure & Development Projects, International Trade Finance and Agricultural, Industrial & Resource sectors.

Our non-country presence banking facilitation services is tailored for financial institutions that don’t have in-country direct point of presence who have operational relationship with financial institutions.

Infra Financials understands the need for facilitation and structuring of financial products for capital intensive projects.

Infra Financials provides financial advisory services to corporate organizations seeking to acquire financial solutions for their corporate needs.

Infra Financials Mergers and Acquisitions Services deliver strategic high value Transactional Advisory Services to companies.

Infra Group’s Financials trade finance facilitation services are tailor made structures for both exporters to get paid for their exports; and that importers receive their imports.