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The Group

Infra Group is diversified international group with business units in Financial Services, Industries and Infrastructure Development operating out of the United Kingdom under the Infra Group umbrella.

The firm is increasingly growing its presence in Africa. The Group helps build a more prosperous society through global-scale business development with integrity as its top priority.


Infra Group is a purpose driven company whose primary mission is to execute GOD’s perfect plan founded on solid spiritual base on a common oath for deeper meaning and fulfillment GOD’s purpose in our life


To become the most successful and significant integrated Group of companies with A Legacy aligned to our Values that make a positive difference from the blessings of Our Group in the lives of people colleagues and staff we serve in the 10 years from 2012.


  • To Honor God in all we do
  • To help people develop to best of their GOD given ability
  • To Pursue Excellency across the Group
  • To Grow Profitable
  • To Create & Share Wealth with our employees & for our nations,
  • To serve others

Group Ethos

Committed the highest standards ethical standard founded on the skills, professionalism and dedication of its staff. In pursuit of excellence and greater success, Infra has adopted an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach, tailoring its services to suit the individual needs of client and projects.


Infra has extensive expertise and resources at its disposal as a multi- disciplinary group. We can offer an integrated service for development projects from inception through implementation to the post commissioning stage.


The Group plays great emphasis on keeping abreast on new technology through participation of a number of professional institutions, research programs and workshops. In addition, in-house training programs are given regularly to advance the technological knowledge of its staff.


Composed of many nationalities is a valued asset in light of the international environment it operates in. The staffs have a wealth of experience and expertise qualified by accredited professional bodies or educational institutions throughout the World. Most have worked for various multinationals, corporate entities, governmental bodies, funding organizations and academic institutions as instigators and decision-makers. It has a blend of staff that share and believe the culture, mission, value and Goals.