Infra Financials is thrilled to announce its appointment as Mandated  Lead  M&A Transactional Advisor for the acquisition of a sugar estate that the Ethiopian Government has started privatizing by East Africa Bottling S.C. a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in Ethiopia.

In addition to our role as  Lead Transactional Advisor, Infra Financials has got an optional mandate to arrange, acquisition finance. 

We are committed to leveraging our extensive experience and expertise to support this acquisition process and help our clients achieve their strategic objectives.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with East Africa Bottling S.C. and contribute to the successful acquisition of this valuable asset. Our team looks forward to providing unparalleled advisory services to help ensure the transaction’s smooth execution, ultimately delivering exceptional value to our clients.


For more information, contact:

Corporate Communication Officer-Infra Group


Infra Financials is pleased to announce its appointment as the Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA) by Raval Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plc. for the arrangement and structuring of capital amounting to USD 14M.

Raval Pharma is constructing an intravenous fluid manufacturing plant in the northern, vibrant city of Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.

Accordingly, the new facility will be situated on 50,000m2 of land in a prime location of Debre Berhan town. Equipped with the latest and advanced technologies to produce high-quality pharmaceutical products, Raval Pharma plans to manufacture various volumes of LVP and SVP IV Solutions to meet the overwhelming demand in Ethiopia.

The agreement was signed by Infra Financials and Kishen Raval Esq. Managing Director of Raval Pharmaceutical on November 28, 2019.

Infra Financials is pleased to announce its appointment as the Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA) by Ethio-American Doctors Group (EADG) for raising capital in debt and equity arrangement and structuring of USD 100M for the first tertiary hospital in the nation’s capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Accordingly; EADG Inc. is to develop Healthcare City on 150,000 sq. meters of land in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The core of the “Healthcare City” Development is a 300-bed state-of-the-art, internationally accredited tertiary hospital with full diagnostic and treatment centre, eight operating rooms and two catheterization labs; out-patient medical office building; a cancer treatment center; and a central plant. The Healthcare City phase one development cost around US$ 110,000,000 (one hundred ten million United States Dollars).

The agreement was signed by Mo’Ab Merid Group Executive Director of Infra Group and Mel Melaku Negussie Chief Operating Officer of EADG on April 19, 2018.

For more information contact:
Corporate Communication Officer-Infra Group

Our services have been rendered for Developers, Equipment Vendors, O&M Firms, EPC Firms, Investors.


We have experience in integrated economic and financial services for Airport, Industrial and, Energy Generation and Transmission, development projects. The expertises rendered include the following:-

Composed of many nationalities is a valued asset in light of the international environment it operates in. The staffs have a wealth of experience and expertise qualified by accredited professional bodies or educational institutions throughout the World. Most have worked for various multinationals, corporate entities, governmental bodies, funding organizations and academic institutions as instigators and decision-makers. It has a blend of staff that share and believe the culture, mission, value and Goals.

The Group plays great emphasis on keeping abreast on new technology through participation of a number of professional institutions, research programs and workshops. In addition, in-house training programs are given regularly to advance the technological knowledge of its staff.

Infra has extensive expertise and resources at its disposal as a multi- disciplinary group. We can offer an integrated service for development projects from inception through implementation to the post commissioning stage.

Committed the highest standards ethical standard founded on the skills, professionalism and dedication of its staff. In pursuit of excellence and greater success, Infra has adopted an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach, tailoring its services to suit the individual needs of client and projects.

To become the most successful and significant integrated Group of companies with A Legacy aligned to our Values that make a positive difference from the blessings of Our Group in the lives of people colleagues and staff we serve in the 10 years from 2012.

Infra Group is a purpose driven company whose primary mission is to execute GOD’s perfect plan founded on solid spiritual base on a common oath for deeper meaning and fulfillment GOD’s purpose in our life

Infra Group is diversified international group with business units in Financial Services, Industries and Infrastructure Development operating out of the United Kingdom under the Infra Group umbrella.

The firm is increasingly growing its presence in Africa. The Group helps build a more prosperous society through global-scale business development with integrity as its top priority.

Industrial Project Development is an area of specialization of the integrated project development team. We have wealth of experience and track record in industrial development projects. We engage at various stages of an industrial project development. The industrial projects range from manufacturing to packaging from food and beverage to construction material production.

Services include:

Infra Financials provides financial advisory services to corporate organizations seeking to acquire financial solutions for their corporate needs.

By understanding the specific financing structure requirements of corporate organizations and with an intimate knowledge of capital provider’s criteria, requirements, tenure, and funding type in the market; Infra Financials delivers optimal capital financing structure thereby ensuring the business funding needs of the client are met. The optimal capital financing structure in our corporate financial advisory services could be in the form of raising capital and equity finance, debt equity syndication, or structured products.

In this area of corporate financial advisory service, we bring together the combined knowledge, expertise, and experience of both equity and debt to structure solutions that meet clients’ needs. The combined skill set ensures that client organizations have the optimum capital structure throughout their tenure, and the cost of capital remains at its lowest for raising debt and/or equity finance. The funding requirement could be as diverse as raising syndicated equity and/or debt for development capital or fund for growth to manage refinancing and covenant negotiations with the best terms in the market.

Infra Financials has an in-depth knowledge of the market for capital providers, ranging from long-term financiers to debt providers, from venture capital to private equity, from Development Financial institutions to Corporate Banks, from alternative investors to high net worth investors, to meet the many needs of a client.

Our corporate financial fundraising advisory service process includes:

  • Assessing customer financing requirements
  • Review and revise the business plan and financial projection’s robustness
  • Provide advice on the valuation model and achieve a maximized valuation
  • Prepare and co-ordinate due diligence information
  • Prepare and revise the management presentation
  • Reviewing, preparing, and presenting funding proposition requirement information
  • Identifying financiers and capital providers
  • Pre-qualify appropriate investors
  • Pre-market selected investors
  • Prepare and distribute the business plan
  • Arrange access to key financial and strategic investors globally
  • Organize and schedule investor meetings
  • Schedule due diligence sessions
  • Co-ordinate key advisors (legal, accounting, etc.)
  • Negotiate terms of investment with lead investors
  • Organizing investor syndicate
  • Structuring and analyses of structured products
  • Securing the best available terms
  • Follow up on regulatory compliance and fillings
  • Complete closing and funding mechanics
  • Managing documentation and closing

Corporate financial advisory services are split into two broad service areas of Equity Fundraising and Debt Advisory and can be used together or separately depending on the specific client requirement.

  • Equity Fundraising
  • Debt Advisory Services
    • Fundraising Equity capital
    • Devise a strategy for raising equity
    • Structure and syndicate equity funding for development capital to debt reduction
    • Identify, liaise, and negotiate with appropriate equity investors

Can take lead mandated arranger to close transactions and design structures, pricing, returns, valuations, and exit strategy options

The infrastructure development and management arm of Infra Group. is engaged in the provision of Integrated Project Development for infrastructure projects.

Range Of Expertise

We have been involved in a number of development and management projects. It is run by expertise who have a wide range of experience and a wealth of expertise in different disciplines . The firm has been involved in various infrastructure and turnkey projects as a lead Project Developer; Promoters, Originator /Mandated Developer, in association or partnership with various national and international companies

Projects Experience

The Infrastructure Project Development team has worked on a variety of projects ranging from Airports to Seaports, and Energy Generation to Transmission. The firm has been responsible for projects in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our clients include government departments, local and regional authorities, private developers, other consulting engineers and contracting companies.