» Corporate Finance

Infra Financials provides financial advisory services to corporate organizations seeking to acquire financial solutions for their corporate needs.

By understanding the specific financing structure requirements of corporate organizations and with an intimate knowledge of capital provider’s criteria, requirements, tenure, and funding type in the market; Infra Financials delivers optimal capital financing structure thereby ensuring the business funding needs of the client are met. The optimal capital financing structure in our corporate financial advisory services could be in the form of raising capital and equity finance, debt equity syndication, or structured products.

In this area of corporate financial advisory service, we bring together the combined knowledge, expertise, and experience of both equity and debt to structure solutions that meet clients’ needs. The combined skill set ensures that client organizations have the optimum capital structure throughout their tenure, and the cost of capital remains at its lowest for raising debt and/or equity finance. The funding requirement could be as diverse as raising syndicated equity and/or debt for development capital or fund for growth to manage refinancing and covenant negotiations with the best terms in the market.

Infra Financials has an in-depth knowledge of the market for capital providers, ranging from long-term financiers to debt providers, from venture capital to private equity, from Development Financial institutions to Corporate Banks, from alternative investors to high net worth investors, to meet the many needs of a client.

Our corporate financial fundraising advisory service process includes:

  • Assessing customer financing requirements
  • Review and revise the business plan and financial projection’s robustness
  • Provide advice on the valuation model and achieve a maximized valuation
  • Prepare and co-ordinate due diligence information
  • Prepare and revise the management presentation
  • Reviewing, preparing, and presenting funding proposition requirement information
  • Identifying financiers and capital providers
  • Pre-qualify appropriate investors
  • Pre-market selected investors
  • Prepare and distribute the business plan
  • Arrange access to key financial and strategic investors globally
  • Organize and schedule investor meetings
  • Schedule due diligence sessions
  • Co-ordinate key advisors (legal, accounting, etc.)
  • Negotiate terms of investment with lead investors
  • Organizing investor syndicate
  • Structuring and analyses of structured products
  • Securing the best available terms
  • Follow up on regulatory compliance and fillings
  • Complete closing and funding mechanics
  • Managing documentation and closing

Corporate financial advisory services are split into two broad service areas of Equity Fundraising and Debt Advisory and can be used together or separately depending on the specific client requirement.

  • Equity Fundraising
  • Debt Advisory Services
    • Fundraising Equity capital
    • Devise a strategy for raising equity
    • Structure and syndicate equity funding for development capital to debt reduction
    • Identify, liaise, and negotiate with appropriate equity investors

Can take lead mandated arranger to close transactions and design structures, pricing, returns, valuations, and exit strategy options