» Infra Financial Appoints A Project Team For An Investment Banking License

Infra Financials is pleased to announce the establishment of an in-house project team that will lead the preparation, implementation, and acquire a license for an Investment Bank in the Ethiopian capital market.

Infra Financials has been working in the financial advisory space for over 10 years both with the public and private sectors of Ethiopia and Frontier markets. It has been engaged in transactional advisory, facilitation, solicitation, and structuring of capital that have positively contributed to economic growth. The company has currently taken a significant step towards preparing for the new venture in the upcoming Ethiopian capital market.

Our team comprises professionals with wide-ranging experience in the Ethiopian financial sector including seasoned investment bankers with a wealth of experience from the top ten global investment banks, business analysts, economists, accountants, and legal experts. The team will work together to ensure that Infra Financial will be one of the pioneer Investment banks in this country with over 100 million with enormous potential.

The establishment of this team is an important milestone for Infra Financials as it demonstrates the company’s long-term vision and focuses on expanding its operations and services in the upcoming capital markets by leveraging our extensive expertise and experience in financial advisory services.


For more information, contact:

Corporate Communication Officer-Infra Group

Email:   pr@infragroup.net