» Project Finance

Infra Financials understands the need for facilitation and structuring of financial products for capital intensive projects.

The team has a wealth of expertise in deal origination, structuring, negotiating project and infrastructure finance to public and private sector projects in most sectors of the economies.

Infrastructure Project Finance is a medium term to long term finance for Infrastructure projects. The project finance arranged have various tenures and grace period based depending on project’s financial and operational requirements.

Such arrangements of financing structures by Infra Financials team are generally structured on a none-recourse or limited recourse basis in which the financiers or equity holders rely primarily on the projected revenue and cash flows for repayment debt and equity. The project’s assets, rights, and other interests could be held as security or collateral. It is also a structure which relies on the ability of the project upon operation to generate sufficient revenues to cover operational and, financing cost and reasonably guarantee for return on equity holders and relying heavily on creditworthiness of the sponsor and promoters alike.

  •  Assessing customer financing requirements
  • Financial structuring and analysis
  • Identifying financiers and lessors
  • Reviewing and preparing credit information
  • Securing best available terms
  • Managing documentation and closing
  • Arrangement of financial syndication
  • Debt/equity syndication
  • Structured products

Infra Financials focuses on originating and executing transactions in the following sectors:

  • Energy & Power – Generation: Hydro, Geothermal, Coal, Gas, Wind and Clean Energy sources
  • Water & Sanitation – water supply, dams waterways, sanitation & sewerage systems
  • Transport – aviation, railways, airports, seaports

Our involvement in Project and Infrastructure Finance could be as

  • Early stage risk capital
  • Financial Project management – from conception to operation
  • Financial Engineering
  • Technical advisory services